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lauren kraml

marriage and family therapist


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lauren kraml marriage and family therapy intern

I am an English-speaking psychotherapist intern with a passion for helping individuals and families improve their mental wellbeing. I specialize in research-based systems interventions that can help you and your loved ones heal relationships and improve your quality of life.

I promise to provide a safe space to heal and grow. With warmth, curiosity, compassion, and empathy, I work to create a strong therapeutic relationship with my clients, allowing them to achieve their goals. I am proudly part of the queer community and offer LGBTQIA+ affirming care.

Sessions will be offered at a reduced rate, making therapy with me a more affordable option than with licensed practitioners. I am able to work with individuals, couples, or children at an office centrally located in Amsterdam or online.

Please note, I am unable to treat suicidal-ideation, self-harming, hallucinations and psychosis.

"healing means accepting all parts of ourselves, not just the parts we like, but all of us"

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services provided

Psychologist's Office
Couple Showing Affection
Family Picnic

Individual Therapy

I offer one-on-one therapy sessions for individuals who are seeking support and guidance through life's challenges. I utilize research-based interventions to help clients improve their mental wellbeing and relationships. I hope to foster an environment that leads to healing, growth, and fulfillment.

Couples Therapy

I offer couples therapy to help partners improve their communication, resolve conflict, and strengthen their relationships. I strive to help couples build a stronger, more fulfilling relationship. I am Gottman Method Couples Therapy Level 1 certified. I am currently working on Level 2 certification. 

Family Therapy

As a student of a family systems curriculum, I offer therapy to the entire family as well. I study relational systems and implement interventions that address mental, emotional, and relational issues to help families build a stronger, more connected family unit. I have over ten years of experience caring for children and working alongside their families. 

about me

I was born and raised in California, USA. In 2010, I graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a Bachelor’s in Communication. For the next 10 years I worked as a caregiver for children, specifically children on the autism spectrum. I found deep meaning in my work. I went back to school to study communicative disorders to better understand those struggling with language.


My adult life I have spent fascinated with the messages we send verbally and non-verbally, the struggles we all face in conveying our feelings, thoughts, and emotions and the ways in which I can deepen my understanding to help facilitate a rich conversation within ourselves and the world around us.


In 2019, I took a chance with a move that brought me from California to Amsterdam. As an American moving to Europe, where I knew no one, I have first-hand experience as an expat. I understand the many challenges that come with relocating and settling into life abroad.


I am currently enrolled in a Masters of Marriage and Family Therapy program. I have completed two years of course work on family therapy and systemic interventions, focusing on holistically healing individuals and their relationships. I see clients under the supervision of a licensed MFT as well as an academic supervisor as part of my internship. As a student in the field, I come with great curiosity, eagerness, and enthusiasm.

Below are photos of my in-person therapy space. Please reach out to schedule a free 15 minute introductory call. 


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560 herengracht, 1017 VJ amsterdam, netherlands

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